If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

A Pleasure

“It is/was a pleasure for our family to be your patients. You are accommodating, courteous, and create great smiles — both inwardly and outwardly.”

— The Glowacki Family

Wonderful Group of People

“Thank you so very much for all of the extra effort you put in to help Jacob have a great smile and convince the insurance company his treatment should be covered! You are a wonderful group of people. It is evident that you put a lot of heart into your work. People like yourselves make the world a better place, and you have gotten Jacob’s journey of dealing with Ectodermal Dysplasias off to a bright start!”

— Jacob, Rob, and Michelle

Nice Teeth, Beautiful Smile

“We have been truly happy with Dr. Mark Mendlik and all of his staff. They are all very helpful and answer any questions we had. Our daughter Nikki has worn braces for approximately 18 months, and now is wearing a retainer. So glad we got there soon enough, and addressed the problem with her teeth. Thanks to Dr. Mark Mendlik and his expertise, our daughter will have nice teeth and a beautiful smile.”

— Theresa

Awesome Service and Staff

“In addition to awesome service/staff, we appreciate that a donation is made to our local high school as a new patient of Mendlik Orthodontics with your ‘Partners in Education’ program.”

— Mark

Dr. Mendlik, I Love Going to Your Office!

“It takes the bad out of my day! The staff is always friendly, nice, and colorful!”

— Claire P. Age 11

Recommended to any Parent

“We would recommend Dr. Mendlik to any parent considering braces for their child. Dr. Mendlik and his staff sincerely care about their young patients. They also care about their parents’ pocketbooks!

“Instead of agreeing to put braces on our 12-year-old son who, after nearly two years of visits to Dr. Mendlik, was practically begging to have his braces put on, Dr. Mendlik told us we should hold off. He informed us we could certainly go ahead and put them on but he would not recommend it at all. He explained clearly the reasons why and shared how if we did them prematurely, we would very likely be looking at paying for two rounds of braces for our son: one now and another sometime later in high school.

“In another six months, Andrew will be ready for his braces. The wait, and the honesty of Dr. Mendlik, will likely save us significant amount of money and time. We appreciate the professionalism, honesty, and the positive way in which Dr. Mendlik interacted with our son and us. His staff is great as well! We highly recommend Mendlik Orthodontics and plan to stay with this team of professionals for our other kids as well.”

— The Allison-Dietz Family

“We recommend Mendlik Orthodontics! The wait time is minimal, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and appointment times are convenient. Dr. Mark Mendlik is an expert in orthodontia and has treated many people that I know with much success. My son likes being able to check himself in via their iPad. And we all love the Keurig machine in the lobby!”

— Hayden H.

“This is the place to get braces. The best part about going here is getting to pick out the colors to go on your brackets, and everyone is just so nice. And they make braces seem not so bad. I would really recommend going here.”

— Emily W.

“Everyone at Mendlik Orthodontics is very nice. They always have smiles. They all bring a positive impact to my day. They do what they need to do as quick as possible.”

— Daisy R.

“I was nervous about going to the orthodontist, but everyone is so nice. It’s a fun place to be. I am not nervous about going anymore and actually get excited for my appointments!!”

— Cadence S.

“We love Mendlik Orthodontics! They are so knowledgeable and friendly! And my braces and teeth look great!”

— Taylor L.

“Mendlik Orthodontics is a great place to go for braces! My sister and I go there and really enjoy Dr. Mendlik and the staff! They are knowledgeable, friendly, and fast! They always make sure you are comfortable and take great care of your teeth! I would definitely recommend going there!”

— Katelyn J.

“I think that this was my best orthodontist experience. The doctors and assistants were super friendly and nice. They explained things very well and I knew what they were going to do and what would happen. In other words, they were very thorough. I would highly recommend going to Mendlik Orthodontics.”

— Abby K.

“Super excited to start my treatment on Monday and I just LOVE that the Mendlik staff is nice and friendly, and that they were able to fit me in to get started so quickly. Highly recommend them! :) ”

— Sandra S.

“A couple days ago, I got my braces on. They got my braces on as quickly as possible! Dr. Mark and the staff really know what they are doing and they are so nice and welcoming! They even called me today to ask how I was doing with my braces on! So nice of them!!! They told me everything they were going to do to put my braces on so I had nothing to worry about. They taught me the proper way to take care of my teeth with braces on. Now I can have straight teeth soon!!!! Yippee!!!”

— Cara D.

“I love the orthodontist! The appointments are quick and easy, and the assistants are so nice! They always have a school note ready for me, no questions asked! They are always so nice and I love that I can check in on my rewards points anytime I want!”

— Brooklyn B.

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