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Technology In The Office

At Mendlik Orthodontics, we have invested in the latest technology. We know that utilizing the latest and most advanced technology provides our patients with a more efficient, convenient and comfortable experience in our office.

Panoramic X-Rays

Panoramic x-rays give a full view of your teeth and mouth in a single picture, allowing Dr. Mendlik to see any internal issues that may affect the outcome of your orthodontic treatment. We can also monitor your wisdom teeth by taking a panoramic x-ray. Your x-ray will be reviewed and discussed with you during your initial consultation.

Digital Dentistry

At Mendlik Orthodontics we use digital x-rays which make it more convenient to easily share your diagnostic x-rays and to communicate with your general dentist. Digital x-rays are readily available to have Dr. Mendlik review with you during your initial consultation.

iTero Scanner

The iTero Scanner allows us to take digital impressions of your teeth. Digital impressions eliminate the need for putty impressions to be taken. This allows for a more comfortable patient experience.

The iTero Scanner is utilized for all types of treatment; from Invisalign and aligners to expanders and retainers and any appliance in between. By using digital impressions it allows us to have a near perfect model of the teeth which results in appliances and aligners that fit better.


VPro delivers gentle vibrations to complement your orthodontic treatment using clear aligners. While in treatment with clear aligners, your teeth will not move into an ideal position if the aligner is not properly seated, or gripping the teeth as they should. When your teeth are not moving as planned this results in an increased length of treatment.

That’s where VPro comes into play...using your VPro device for only five minutes per day will lead to more efficient and successful orthodontic treatment which means less refinements, reduced discomfort and a shorter treatment time! Our patients in braces can also benefit from using the VPro device.

Learn more about our Accelerated Treatment option using VPro+.

Soft Tissue Laser Treatment

Diode laser treatment is beneficial for orthodontic patients in several ways. Using a specialized diode laser is a safe and effective way to improve the overall appearance of your smile by sculpting the gums around your teeth. The best part is that it requires nothing more than a topical anesthetic to be applied to the gum tissue and all patients feel is the slight movement of the laser tip.

Impacted Teeth
Impacted teeth are teeth that haven’t erupted through the gums properly. With the help of laser treatment, we are able to assist with the eruption of the tooth without the need to wait several months for the tooth to erupt on its own. Using laser treatment during orthodontic treatment can save patients time and even money. In certain cases, laser treatment can avoid the need to refer a patient for an expensive surgical procedure to expose the impacted tooth.

Aesthetic Gingival Recontouring
In some cases your gums can extend further down on the upper front teeth which can make them appear small or unproportional. Gingival recontouring is a procedure done to reshape the gum line and to improve the aesthetics of your smile once your braces are removed. By using a laser to remove excess gum tissue around your upper teeth, Dr. Mendlik can make your teeth appear longer and your smile more symmetrical and balanced.

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