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Keeping Your Beautiful, New, Smile Straight! 

Yay! You are completed in treatment and you’re ready to show off your beautiful new smile! However, your orthodontic treatment does not end here. Each of our patients will receive retainers at the end of treatment that will hold your teeth as perfect as they were when you finished. Retainers play an important role in maintaining your beautiful, straight smile and will determine how your teeth look for years to come. Wearing retainers as directed will also help protect your investment in your orthodontic treatment.

Remember, retainer wear is always Night Time for Lifetime!

Our team is often asked the question of how long a patient should wear their retainer. The answer is simple; as long as you would like to have straight teeth. Throughout your lifetime the pressure exerted on your teeth has the potential to change and while some teeth are more stable than others, the only way to guarantee your healthy, straight smile is by wearing your retainers.

We will go over detailed retainer wear and care instructions with you the day you complete treatment. Here are some basic instructions to remember:

smalltooth  Take your retainer out while eating and place it back in your retainer case (school lunchrooms have claimed many retainers over the years)

smalltooth  Clean your retainer daily! You will be provided a sample of Fresh Guard™ that you can use to clean your retainers. If you’d prefer, you can also use warm (not hot) water and a toothbrush to brush them daily. Please skip the toothpaste, as it can scratch your retainers. Also, please refrain from using a denture cleaner - these can leave your retainer looking cloudy.

smalltooth  Anytime you are not wearing your retainer be sure it is kept safe in your retainer case. Dogs also love retainers!

smalltooth  Retainers are durable but they can break and one set is not meant to last forever. Removing your retainers as instructed, cleaning them daily and caring for them will help them last many years.

smalltooth  Avoid heat when cleaning or storing your retainers. Exposing your retainers to heat can alter the shape of the retainer, affecting the way it fits.

Contact us today at (402) 334-2000 if you are needing a new retainer made, we have multiple options for replacements!

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