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Adult Orthodontics

Adult Orthodontic Treatment  

Orthodontic treatment isn’t just for children and teens. The truth is that it’s never too late for orthodontic treatment! Whether you had orthodontic treatment previously or are looking into braces or clear aligners for the first time, we are here to help you through the process and to explore your treatment options. At Mendlik Orthodontics, we are seeing that more and more adults are seeking orthodontic treatment and can benefit greatly from a straight smile. In fact, on average, one in five orthodontic patients are over the age of 21!

As we age, our teeth have the potential to shift, so even if you had treatment when you were younger, chances are if you haven’t been wearing your retainers you have likely experienced some degree of movement. Not only does shifting mean your smile may not be as straight as you’d like, it also might mean your bite is off, which could eventually lead to issues like grinding, headaches, jaw pain, gum recession or abnormal wear of your teeth. Adult orthodontic treatment can not only dramatically improve the health of your teeth, but also your confidence and self-esteem!

Don’t let metal brackets deter you from seeking treatment, with advances in the field of orthodontics our adult patients are able to take advantage of multiple types of treatment without any drastic changes to their day-to-day lifestyle.

It’s never too late to improve upon your greatest asset - your smile. Contact your Fremont or Omaha orthodontist today for a no obligation consultation!

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