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Accelerated Orthodontic Treatment

Benefits of VPro+

Reduced treatment time and fewer refinements

Fewer appointments and less time out of work or school

Reduced discomfort

Improved predictability and increased bone density during retention

Simple. Easy. Fast. With VPro+  

PROPEL Orthodontics’ VPro+ delivers gentle vibrations to complement your clear aligner orthodontic treatment. Used for just five minutes per day, the VPro+ helps ensure that your aligners fit properly, making your treatment as efficient and successful as possible. To use the VPro+, simply bite down gently on the mouthpiece while wearing your aligners. There is no need to bite or clench any harder than as needed to support the device. The device will slowly ramp up to full vibration and automatically shut off after the duration of treatment.

Optimized Aligner Treatment   

Clear aligners are maximally efficient when they’re seated correctly, meaning the aligners are gripping the teeth properly. If the aligners don’t have a good grip, your teeth will not move into their ideal positions. When teeth don’t move as planned, the length of treatment is increased. 

In-Office Accelerated Treatment  

Propel’s micro-osteoperforations (MOPs) work with your own biology by stimulating the bone surrounding your teeth. In doing so, your teeth move faster and with more predictability, allowing you to be completed in treatment faster and with fewer appointments. MOPs can be paired with braces or aligners. During a scheduled appointment, Dr. Mendlik will place small perforations, or “dental dimples” as well them in the office, around one or more of your teeth that require a little extra stimulation.

MOPs are completed right here in our office and the treatment is minimally invasive, meaning you can return to your normal activities once you leave our office.

Benefits of MOPs   

smalltooth  Accelerated tooth movement
smalltooth  Treatment times up to 2.3x faster
smalltooth  Little to no recovery time

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